Benefits of Modular Belt Conveyor
January 24, 2023

The conveyance of products is a vital function in virtually every manufacturing plant. Every business sector involves bringing raw materials into the factory, moving goods from one operation to another, and disposal of scrap and waste. Then comes the additional processing and packaging. You need effective transport for this step too. This is where conveyors play a critical role in the manufacturing unit of a business.

Conveyors come to use throughout all stages of the manufacturing process, including the assembly of raw materials, packing of final products, and distribution. The introduction of the modular belt conveyor brought a tremendous impact on the conveyor industry. This blog discusses the several benefits of modular belt conveyors in detail.

Top 5 Benefits of A Modular Belt Conveyor

Here are a few of the top benefits of installing a modular belt conveyor for your business.

1. Long Life:

The longevity of modular plastic belts is its most recognizable quality. In addition, plastic’s superior durability over other belt materials gives modular belts an edge over many other options in terms of wear resistance, load capacity, and resilience in harsh conditions.

2. Convenient Setup:

Setting up modular belts, whether for a curved, straight, or spiral configuration, is significantly easier than setting up steel belts. The lightweight nature of modular plastic belts is a key factor in this. This factor can be beneficial given the typical extremely lengthy belt lengths.

3. Less Energy Consumption:

Modular plastic belts excel in radius applications because their low tension is consistent throughout the whole system. In addition, smaller motors can be used because they weigh less, leading to reduced energy consumption and cost.

4. Easy Maintenance:

Compared to other options, modular conveyors are simpler to clean and disinfect. They work well to prevent the retention of standing water and germs.

5. Cost-Effectiveness:

Finally, since plastic is a cheaper material choice compared to all others, modular plastic belt conveyors are easily affordable for industry owners while enjoying all the other benefits.

A modular Belt is Made up of these Plastics:

Material of the BeltBelt Strength (Kg/m)Temperature Range (°C)
PP – Polypropylene530+1 to +104
PE – Polyethylene300-50 to +65
AC- Polyacetal1450+1 to +90
AC- Polyacetal1050-40 to +65

In a nutshell, modular belt conveyors are the most efficient and durable options in product conveyance. If you need better guidance and quality service in the conveyor system, Vishvakarma Equipments is one of the most reliable options for you. A pioneer in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and exporting conveyor systems and material handling products, the brand is well-known for its expertise in these fields.

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