Vishvakarma Equipment to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Food Industry Conveyors
October 22, 2023

Established in 2011, Vishvakarma Equipments is a renowned designer, a top producer, a supplier, and an exporter of various conveyor systems and material handling products for industrial and commercial uses. Today, we focus on reducing cross-contamination in conveyors, a critical component of the food business.

In the food sector, upholding the highest levels of hygiene is a must. Cross-contamination seriously threatens food safety, which is the transfer of dangerous compounds from one surface to another. Because they are a crucial component of food processing, conveyors require careful maintenance to stop the spread of pollutants.

Food Industry Conveyor Cross-Contamination Prevention

  • The selection of materials forms the basis of a hygienic conveyor system. At Vishvakarma Equipment, we prioritize using materials that are corrosion-resistant, hygienic and adhere to industry standards. Our conveyor designs frequently feature stainless steel, renowned for its dependability and resistance to bacterial growth.
  • Contaminants can hide in any corner or crevice of a conveyor system. We carefully consider flawless surfaces when designing our conveyor systems so there is no opportunity for dirt or bacteria to gather. This design concept guarantees comprehensive and efficient cleaning procedures.
  • Conveyor belts and chains are constantly in contact with processed food. The importance of selecting hygienic belts and chains that are bacterial growth-resistant and simple to clean cannot be overstated. Our conveyors use carefully chosen belts and chains that satisfy these requirements, making the atmosphere where food is processed safer.
  • The best way to avoid cross-contamination is to clean everything thoroughly and frequently. Our conveyor systems are created with functional elements that make it simple to disassemble them for cleaning. This streamlines maintenance procedures and guarantees that no area is overlooked during cleaning.
  • Prevention is a never-ending activity. We advise developing and following routine maintenance procedures. This includes regular checks, cleaning regimens, and promptly replacing worn-out parts. Our dedication to quality means that our conveyor systems are effective and long-lasting, with little need for maintenance.

We are aware of how important conveyor systems are to the food sector. We strive to deliver conveyor solutions that meet and surpass industry requirements since we are dedicated to quality and hygiene. Our conveyor systems contribute to a safer and more hygienic food processing environment, eventually protecting consumers’ health by placing a premium on material selection, seamless design, and routine maintenance.

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