Curve conveyor rollers for use in unit handling
September 12, 2023

Since its founding in 2011, we have earned a reputation as a top designer, producer, and supplier of conveyor systems and material handling products. In 2004, we started as “Vishvakarma Equipments,” and since then, we have grown into a name recognized for quality and dependability in the business and industrial sectors.

Developing sanitary design solutions to meet various needs in sectors like snacks, food, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fishing, construction, mining, and coal is one of our areas of expertise. We provide thorough engineering, purchasing, and installation of project systems integration services to meet your material handling needs effectively and efficiently.

Rollers on an idle curve conveyor

Curve conveyor rollers are essential for simplifying material flow and increasing operational effectiveness in unit-handling applications. Idle-curve conveyor rollers, a significant part of our product line, have several benefits that can improve your business operations.

  • Accurate Control
  • Space Optimization
  • Robustness

Rollers for Driven Curve Conveyors

Our driven curve conveyor rollers are up to the task of applications needing higher force and control. These rollers have motors and controllers, which provide several benefits for your unit handling requirements. Driven-curve conveyor rollers ensure materials move correctly through your production line, increasing overall efficiency. They also provide steady and changeable speeds. Because these rollers can support greater loads, they are appropriate for mining and construction sectors with high demands for moving materials. Driven-curve conveyor rollers enable smooth material flow in fully automated production environments due to their integration capabilities with automation systems.

Our technical and manufacturing capabilities at Vishvakarma Equipments are designed to take your project from conception to completion. We provide customized solutions to your unique needs, whether you need a single component or entire plant manufacturing lines. Count on us to uphold the accuracy, dependability, and safety we’ve promised based on years of industry experience and a commitment to client happiness. Finally, our curved conveyor rollers give your company the competitive edge it requires for unit handling applications, whether idle or driven. To learn how our cutting-edge solutions can take your material handling operations to new heights, contact us immediately.

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