Different Types of Idler Rollers
February 27, 2023

Idler rollers are cylindrical-shaped wheels that support a conveyor belt without providing power to it. They are used to help guide the belt, provide belt tension, and maintain proper belt tracking. They are typically located at the end of a conveyor or along the belt to support the weight of the material being transported. Idler rollers are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the belt and the weight of the material, and they come in various sizes and materials to suit different applications and operating conditions.

Types of Idler Rollers

If you are looking to buy Idler Rollers, you should know about their types and what best fits your requirement. Here is some information that might help you choose the right roller for you:

Plain Idler Rollers:

The most prevalent type of idler roller is the plain roller, which is utilized to sustain and form the conveyor belt. These rollers can be installed on either the load side of the belt in the trough, tracking, and transition frames or on the return side of the belt.

Troughed Idler Rollers:

A troughed idler typically consists of two side idlers and a flat idler with a groove angle ranging from 30-35 degrees. When used in a detachable belt conveyor, these three idlers are connected by hinges, which earns it the name “articulated idler.” It is primarily employed for transporting loose bulk materials in branch conveyance.

Flat Return Idlers:

The flat return idler is a widely used idler on the return side of a conveyor and typically features a single steel roller mounted on two drop brackets. The purpose of the flat return idler is to support the belt on the return side, reducing the risk of stretching, sagging, and belt failure.

Rubber-Coated Idler Rollers:

If you need to use an idler roller where there is a chance of high friction, wear, and tear, or impact, rubber-coated idler rollers would be perfect for your business.

Self-aligning idler rollers:

Self-aligning idler rollers can help keep the conveyor belt on track. Typically, they are housed within a metal frame, referred to as an idler set, and their placement is determined by the design of the conveyor belt.

Steel Screw Idler Rollers:

The steel screw idler rollers feature a continuous screw-patterned coating that covers the entire roller but is made of steel rather than rubber. The screw pattern helps remove any buildup of material on the belt and ensures proper belt tracking.

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