How To Measure A Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt?
December 14, 2022

What are Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts?

Wire mesh conveyor belts are extremely common if you are in industries like forging, heat treating, ceramics, foundry, snack food, food processing, baking, automotive, and glass industry, because of their flexibility. Unlike other conveyor materials such as rubber, these belts, as the name suggests, comprise a wire mesh that is flexible, resilient, and readily cleaned. It is widely used in the food industry because it is easier to clean and does not contaminate food, like rubber belts.

These belts are suitable for any application, and they can include closed wire mesh belts for conveying small parts, belts with large openings for easy flow of water or air, and for cleaning products. There are also belts with smooth surfaces that are used for easy and accurate transfer. Depending on the application and industry, many belt kinds can be employed to meet the industry requirements.

Advantages of Using Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

Using wire mesh conveyor belts has huge advantages over rubber conveyor belts in various ways. The wire mesh conveyor belt is designed to work with existing conveyor systems and is built from standard components. Wire mesh belt is easy to clean and chemically resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from metalworking to food processing and clean rooms to medical uses. Odor and flavor absorption is reduced since the wire mesh belt is chemically resistant. The conveyor is perfect for food processing, clean rooms, medical uses, and pharmaceutical equipment applications since there are no belt fibers or plastic abrasion particles to cause contamination.

Types of Conveyor Belts

Since wire mesh conveyor belts are widely used in various industries, the belts come in different styles, sizes and shapes. The difference in styles and sizes helps increase productivity, assist in keeping expenses under control, and enhance overall product quality. Some of the popular wire mesh conveyor belts are:

  • Compound Balanced Belt
  • Balanced Belts
  • Gratex Belt
  • Chain Driven Belt
  • Rod Reinforced Belt
  • Honeycomb Belt

How To Measure A Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

When you are measuring a wire mesh conveyor belt, start by measuring the length and breadth of your wire conveyor belt, irrespective of its design. The next step is to measure the spirals across the breadth and along the length if you have a balanced or double-balanced weave belt. It should be followed by the measurement of the diameter of connecting rod wire, followed by the spiral wire diameter. The wire gauge equivalent should match the decimal size in inches. Finally, choose your specific edge type, whether it is a regular or special truss.

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