Role of Conveyors in order fulfilment
October 12, 2022

Order fulfilment centres have shown the world their potential during the 2020 global pandemic by fulfilling the hopes and wishes of both businesses and customers. Conveyors have a great role in the order fulfilment of a large number of businesses.

Conveyors not only focus on the transportation of products from one place to another but they are also used in merging, accumulation, sortation, material handling, etc.

Take a look at these roles of conveyors in the fulfilment industry or centres.


For transportation to be efficient, one of the main parts to focus on is accuracy. A large number of products are ordered from various different categories and have different destination lines. How will a machine accurately manage where it goes?

But a conveyor helps in such cases, as it helps products get transported through facilities to reach the right takeaway line so that it reaches the desired locations. Conveyors can be integrated with customised sorters.

For example, a conveyor can use a sorter to sort out shoes. Based on the different types of sorters used, the packages will be pushed to different lines and ensure it reaches the correct destination.

Sorters can be used to sort products based on size, shape or other similar criteria.


One of the main points of automation is to acquire speed. And this is what a conveyor offers. Since Conveyor Systems can handle a great number of packages and move them across various facilities quickly without hassles, they provide the facilities to sort out products and make them ready for transportation quite easily and at a great speed.

This way, the fulfilment centres can not only speed up their process but also meet their order fulfilment goals quite easily.


Increased efficiency is a great trait to have for any order fulfilment centre. And this can only come from investing in a high-quality conveying system. Conveyors also boost your productivity level and are a great addition to your centre without taking up much space.

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