Tips for the Secure Operation and Routine Maintenance of Screw Conveyors
August 16, 2023

Screw Conveyors are spiral-looking machines that are used to transport materials from one place to another. These hold immense significance across diverse sectors like the food processing industry mining industry, agriculture, and waste management facilities. The implementation and enforcement of an in-plant safety program can prevent screw conveyor incidents and provide you with accident-free efficiency forever. In this blog, we have listed tips for the Secure Operation and Routine Maintenance of Screw Conveyors.

4 Tips for safely operating and maintaining screw conveyors

Adequate Training and Familiarity

Before utilising a screw conveyor, it is crucial to provide adequate training to operators and maintenance staff regarding its usage, safety measures, and upkeep protocols. Acquiring a sound understanding of the machine’s parts and operational aspects is paramount in averting mishaps and system failures.

Regular Inspections

Routine visual inspections of the screw conveyor are crucial for detecting indications of deterioration, mispositioning, or harm. Check for fasteners that are not secure, components that display signs of wear and tear, and any uncommon sounds. Taking care of these concerns in their initial stages can avert significant complications in the future.


Adequate lubrication is essential in preventing friction and the effects of wear and tear. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for effectively applying lubrication to different components like bearings, propulsion mechanisms, and closures. Excessive lubricant application can be as harmful as insufficient application, so make certain to comply with the prescribed measurements.

Guarding and Safety Devices

Please ensure the installation of suitable protective mechanisms and safety apparatus to avert any potential mishaps. Shields need to enclose dynamic components like belts, pulleys, and revolving screws. Additionally, ensure that safety interconnections and readily reachable emergency halt controls are in place for operators’ use.

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Screw conveyors play a vital role in the realm of material handling. However, ensuring their secure functioning and upkeep demands meticulous focus. Giving priority to adequate education, routine check-ups, and strict compliance with safety measures remains prominent. If you want to find a well-regarded provider of industrial conveyor systems in India that meets these criteria, Vishvakarma Equipments presents itself as your ultimate alternative. Employing their conveyance systems can contribute to the durability of your machinery, incident avoidance, and the sustenance of an effective and secure operational milieu.

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