Different Types of Conveyor Systems
July 12, 2023

In many circumstances where time is of the essence, and products need to be moved in bulk, or work involves occupational hazards, conveyor systems are used to quickly move, materials and products from one location to another to eliminate delay, prevent hazards, and bring ease and efficiency. These benefits explain why heavy-duty conveyors are crucial to the quarrying, mining, and mineral processing companies that buy conveyors from Vishvakarma Equipments.

Types of Conveyor Systems

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors, also known as spiral conveyors, are used to move material along a flat or inclined surface.

From an intake point to an exit point, the material is transported via a screw conveyor in a predetermined quantity. The material at the inlet is adjusted according to the size and horsepower of the conveyor.

Screw conveyors are evaluated over time based on factors such as machine capacity and screw diameter. One of their most important responsibilities is to dissolve the lumps into the material they are dealing with.

These conveyors move a range of goods, such as dry and moist goods, small grains, and boulders.

Flat Belt Conveyor

Conveyors with flat belts are useful for moving large, heavy items. They are employed to transport a variety of products, including various bags and containers used for packaging. These horizontal flat belt conveyors move a variety of products, including chips, fried food, baked goods, biscuits, beverages, etc. They are frequently seen in the food industry. The object is moved from one end to the other by being placed on top of the flat belt conveyor.

Modular Belt Conveyor

One of the most practical methods for moving goods like pouches, boxes, and bags around in a production setting is the modular belt conveyor. Transporting goods through incline, decline, and production line curves is the modular belt conveyor’s main purpose. The thermoplastic belts enable precise tracking and offer smooth operation. They are driven by sprockets. Using a modular belt conveyor can save a lot of time and money because the speed can be adjusted. Moreover, modular belt conveyors offer more versatility.

180° Turntable Conveyor

An excellent piece of equipment that provides a useful and effective method for moving and transporting products in industrial settings is the 180° Turntable Conveyor. This cutting-edge conveyor has a rotating platform that can easily rotate objects by 180 degrees, enabling seamless transport in various directions. Its turntable conveyor allows for accurate handling of the goods and reduces the possibility of accidents or damage during transit thanks to its user-friendly design and adjustable speed control.

The 180° Turntable Conveyor is a priceless tool and Because of its adaptability, it can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and distribution facilities. It streamlines operations and boosts productivity. It may be used to switch the orientation of things on an assembly line or gently move products from one region to another.

Wire Mesh Conveyor

A conveyor that transports goods using wire mesh is known as a wire mesh conveyor. It is frequently employed in food processing and other sectors where maintaining hygiene is a priority. Stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials are frequently used to create wire mesh conveyors, which can either be flat or roller-based.

These modular low-profile conveyors feature a stainless steel wire mesh belt with high heat and chemical resistance and a 60% “open flow area.” Its structure, which enables lateral and longitudinal movement of air or liquids over the entire belt and can withstand component contact temperatures beyond 550°C, makes the belt perfect for heating, cooling, wash down, or flush-and-drain applications.


We at Vishvakarma Equipments are able to solve issues without making concessions and do away with the necessity to use expensive labor in processes thanks to our extensive expertise in developing and engineering these custom conveyor solutions.

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