Flexible gravity conveyors are a cost-effective solution for loading and unloading items from trucks. These conveyors can easily be extended to reach from within a store or from the end of a fixed conveyor to the trailer's front wall. For maximum efficiency and ergonomic benefit, they can also gradually contract or expand as the trailer is filled or emptied. Flexible conveyors can be curved in a variety of ways to deliver to multiple loading docks. Flexible conveyor solutions allow for fewer operators, faster loading and unloading, improved ergonomics and safety, and more efficient loading and unloading.

Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor
Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor
Flexible gravity conveyors
Flexible gravity conveyors
Flexible gravity conveyors
Flexible gravity conveyors
Flexible conveyor
Flexible conveyor
Flexible conveyor
  • Able to bend and twist as needed to go around obstacles
  • Conveyors can even curve up to 180° curves
  • Cartons will follow the twists and turns of the conveyor path without using side guides
  • The Conveyors are designed to expand and contract as needed to help with the loading and unloading process
  • Can be conveniently contracted and stored to save floor space
  • Weight carrying capacity up to 100 kg/meter in powered flexible conveyor system
  • Typical Expandable length is 1:3
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Axle centers are measured accurately & ensure that materials remain securely on the conveyor while maintaining efficient flow


  • Connecting Hooks to connect additional conveyor or more units
  • Side guides
  • Suitable for low and medium duty packaging, assembly, and shipping functions
  • Widely used in production line or Warehouses
  • parcel distribution centres, machine-to-machine linking and all cross docking applications
  • Can be easily moved in or out of trucks for faster, safer, easier loading and unloading.
  • The Roller material is extremely resistant to wear and abrasion
  • Available structure materials: SS/MS
  • Widths: 400, 600, 800 & 1000mm
  • Lengths from 4000mm and up
  • Speeds depending on slope
  • Load capacity upto 90 kg/mtr
  • Working height (top of roller) from 790mm to 1080mm as standard.
  • Skate wheel type options also available
  • Other heights available on request*

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