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What Is a Conveyor System?

A conveyor system is a type of mechanical handling equipment that automatically transports loads and materials within a particular area. This technology, among other things, eliminates human mistake, workplace risks, and labour costs. They are handy for moving large or heavy goods from one location to another. To transfer goods, a conveyor system can use a belt, wheels, rollers, or chain.

How do conveyor systems work?

Conveyor systems are typically made up of a belt tensioned across two or more pulleys. The belt forms a closed loop around the pulleys, allowing it to continuously rotate. The drive pulley is the pulley that drives or tows the belt, transporting items from one area to another.

The drive pulley and belt in the most popular conveyor system designs are powered by a rotor. Friction between the two surfaces maintains the belt’s connection to the rotor. Both the driving pulley and the idler must rotate in the same direction for the belt to move effectively, either clockwise or anticlockwise.

While conventional conveyor systems, such as moving walkways and grocery store conveyors, are straight, the unit must occasionally spin to deliver the contents to the correct area. The belt can follow a bend or twist without becoming tangled because of the cone-shaped wheels or rotors.

Advantages of Conveyor Systems :

  • Elevated conveyors can safely carry products from one level to another, saving time and human labour.
  • Can be placed in most situations while adding value and increasing worker safety through automation, failsafes, and safeguards.
  • Conveyors are capable of moving large numbers of things of varied forms, sizes, and weights.
  • Have improved safety features to prevent accidents and injuries while enhancing system throughput.
  • There are several alternatives for running conveying systems, including hydraulic, mechanical, and completely automated systems that can be configured to meet unique demands.
  • Conveyors can travel in either direction. When materials need to be transferred between opposing ends of a production unit throughout the manufacturing process, this is quite useful.
  • Conveyors provide an infinite number of opportunities to constantly load and discharge items over an extended period of time.

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