Inclined Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in India

The inclined conveyor consists of a hinged belt, a metal sheet frame, and a pulley for transferring bulk goods from up to down or vice versa. There are both variable and fixed speeds available. It is available in various belt types and specifications, including modular, cleated plastic, and flat belts.

An Inclined Belt Conveyor is ideal for heavy-duty applications and the transportation of large and bulky items. These are known for their high performance and durability because they are strongly built with high-quality components

Because of its modular design, this inclined belt conveyor system may easily be incorporated into new or existing equipment, or utilised as a stand-alone industrial conveyor for handling and loading of the bulk materials or small parts. Cleated belt options ensure excellent product support.

Structures are available in Stainless Steel, Mild steel, and Aluminium.

Vishvakarma Equipments provides high-quality inclined belt conveyors, inclined cleated belt conveyors, flat belt conveyors, take off conveyors, and belt conveyors for food processing. Furthermore, we ensure that these are manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

Our Inclined Belt Conveyor are manufactured under the strict supervision of an expert team in accordance with industry specifications and using quality assured raw materials. These conveyor belts are in high demand worldwide due to their excellent properties, high dielectric strength, and chemical resistance.


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