SS Slat Chain or crate conveyor chains are mainly used in areas where products are conveyed in trays, crates or containers like PET and glass bottles typically without direct contact with the product. VISHVAKARMA EQUIPMENTS is the leading manufacturer of slat chains for Food, Pharma, Dairy and many more. The slat Chain conveyor delivers high performance on conveying products without falling or tipping, which is a key to reduce production down-time. Our slat chain conveyors are highly reliable and an economical solution to demanding applications in the conveyor industry. We are one of the leading slat chain manufacturers in manufacturing with better load stability, reduced vibration, noise reduction and better cleaning performance. The slat chain conveyor is highly durable and can be used for a long period of time.

  • Chain materials: SS/Plastic
  • Frame with Rigid & Robust design
  • The chain material is extremely resistant to wear and abrasion
  • Versatile conveyor and can be used almost any types of material
  • Easy maintenance and slat chains are easy to install and use
  • Compliant with the leading global quality standards
  • Delivers optimum productivity for the resources that you invest
  • High-quality parts specially designed for longer life


  • Adjustable support leg
  • Motor mounting position
  • Fixed guide and Fully adjustable Guide
  • Configurable Conveyor Layout
  • Plastic chains are best suited for the food, beverage, glass, paint and pharmaceutical industries
  • Can be used in high temperature
  • Heavy Duty Application
  • Useful for products conveyed in trays, crates or containers like PET and glass bottles
  • Infeed and Outfeed of Parts/Packages
  • Handling of small/medium parts on a horizontal curve
  • Horizontal, Inclined and Curved applications
  • Available structure materials: SS/MS/AL
  • Chain pitch: 1-8 inch
  • Widths from 100mm to 8000mm
  • Lengths from 500mm to 15000mm
  • Speeds upto 45 m/min (148 ft/min)
  • Total Load capacity from 1 kg to 200 kg

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