Vishvakarma Tube type screw conveyor mainly used for conveying powder and granular material on Horizontally, inclined, or vertically. Normally, the feed material diameter is less than 5mm. The Tube type screw conveyor is lightweight, quiet, and closed. Vishvakarma Tube-type screw conveyors can be customized into different diameters, different lengths, and different inclining degrees according to the requirements of the users. Variable speed Tube-type screw conveyors are optional by mechanical adjustment or VFD controlled.

The Tube type screw conveyor is used to transfer the material transported along with the fixed shell with a rotating auger. The head and tail bearing are moved out of the shell. The hanging bearing adopts a sliding bearing with a dust-proof sealing device. The Tube-type screw conveyor can be installed horizontally, Inclined, or vertically. They are widely used for building or construction materials, chemical industry, electricity, metallurgy, coal, and grain.

  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy duty and safe operation for wide material
  • Conveys dry solids to semi-fluid materials & also sticky and sluggish bulk material.
  • Multiple inlets and discharge points options are available
  • Fully sealed, the shell is made of seamless steel tubes, and the ends are connected by a flanged or customized connection
  • Totally enclosed for dusty, corrosive, or hazardous environments
  • Easy installation and minimized maintenance for saving operation costs
  • Operator-friendly operation
  • Small and lightweight but continue high-speed material conveying
  • Cost-saving solution
  • With shaft-less options, no need to provide hangers & bearings, thus saving space & cost
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering and Chemical Industry
  • Tea & Snacks industry
  • Environmental Waste management industry
  • Construction bulk material handling
  • Grain industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Powder and metallurgy Plant
  • Coal & Oil Gas Industry
Brand Vishvakarma Equipments
Screw Diameter 50mm to 800mm
Material Stainless steel / Carbon Steel / Mild Steel
Speed 10RPM to 150RPM
Orientation Available for Horizontal, Inclined & Vertical applications
Capacity 0.1 TPH to 20 TPH
Clearance Minimal clearance between screw and body ensures hygienic operation& better efficiency
Country of Origin Made in India

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