Vishvakarma U-Type screw conveyor is performance proven industrial bulk material handling equipment for over 8+ years. U-Type screw conveyors move wet or dry materials either horizontally, or on inclined planes. Vishvakarma screw conveyors can be used to convey material, feed material, distribute material, and collect material or mix material. Depending on different applications, with special cover and gasket, they can be made as dust free or weather proof.

Vishvakarma screw conveyor design is clean and compact for less footprint and no return run is required. To make it easy to support and install, Vishvakarma Screw Conveyors fit in robust cramped quarters. Vishvakarma screw conveyor engineering team is available to solve your bulk material handling problems by offering customized design with ruggedly built and accurately manufactured conveyers.

  • Easy to Clean: Simply open the hinged covers to access the auger/screw
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Every sections are of standard lengths and interchangeable, customized lengths are available
  • Bottom Clean out for ease of drain at wash-down
  • Efficiently distributes bulk materials to various locations using multiple inlets and discharge options available
  • Totally Enclosed for dusty, corrosive, or hazardous environments
  • Gearbox, Motors, and bearings are from famous brands
  • Vishvakarma factory has the state of the art machinery to make the screw conveyor including Advanced CNC machines, a trained welding team, etc.
  • Portable (caster wheel) options are also available on request.
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Fishing industry
  • Tea & Snacks industry
  • Powder and metallurgy Plant
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering and Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Waste management industry.
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Construction bulk material handling
  • Grain industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Coal industry
Brand Vishvakarma Equipments
Screw Diameter 50mm to 800mm
Material Stainless steel / Carbon Steel / Mild Steel
Speed 10RPM to 150RPM
Orientation Available for Horizontal & Inclined applications
Capacity 0.5 TPH to 20 TPH
Clearance Minimal clearance between screw and body ensures hygienic operation
Country of Origin Made in India

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